About Pier Taylor

Graphic Design
Consultancy in user experience design & environmental branding
BA Graphic Design, MAS Design Culture / Research

Pier Taylor is practicing internationally and with partners from various sectors. Pier is currently based in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Pier has a BA in graphic design from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem in The Netherlands. He concluded the Design Culture MAS at Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland with a research project on environmental branding. He was a partner at Mint communication designers in Arnhem and graphic designer at Koeweiden Postma corporate branding in Amsterdam and was involved in projects in Switzerland, Germany and China. 

Curriculum vitae 

Pier Taylor orientation design
Email: gjptaylor@gmail.com
NL tel. +31(0)641120890
UK tel. +44(0)7960126983

Orientation design is an instrument to help people find their way effectively and quickly through the excess of visual information they face every day. It is a creative approach to guiding and producing strong distinctive graphic design. Clear orientation design is not just important outdoors and indoors, but also online. Navigating a web interface needs a clear communication strategy and editorial design to realise the desired user experience.

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